From Italian & Provencal origin, light cross and feed Evelyne Ballestra's work.

From 70 to 75 a travel into the center, a deep introspection gave birth to print's work with basaltic tonalities, in glaze substance, mode of resine scattered by rare glass splinter or by crystal rock reflecting light.

Footprints on the wet land, hands and bodies prints that redeema primar and shady interiority in a signs world, symbols surrounding a gestation such a passage's rite to an invitation towards light after a trip into the cavern

"Des silhouettes de corps féminins, des empreintes de mains et de pieds, parviennent à une signification surréelle."

Jean-Marie DUNOYER      Le Monde, Mars 1977

Since the 80's a real emergence inflate matters, opened eyes and faces appears towards outside. Body's shae in relief. Substances are sandy and mixed with luberon's ochres. Body's germination born to light in a sublime attraction towards the sen

"Du geste magique de l’homme aurignacien qui imprime les traces des ses doigts dans l’argile fraiche des grottes ancestrales, une formulation de l’acte créateur, une prise de conscience qui constitue l’énoncé d’un des volets de la démarche protéiforme d’Evelyne Ballestra"

Marcel JACQUEMIN      Vision sur les Arts, 1977

Since 82 back to colors with an explosion of luxuriant and baroque vegetation on big painting

Intense vibration of pigments. Facination of a powerfull vegetal world. The nature in its vital strengh feeds her work in baroque rhythms and superabundant generosity of sonores and merry echos. At the same time, several huge mosaics are created into halls buildings.

Space from big formats where figuration flirts with abstraction, where colored vibrations bring assitance in rhytmic and mighty concert. This is at the heart of this mistery that takes place the work of the painter when she decrypts miracle of light's seeds which come to jostle trembling petals of iris when fascinated by luminous waves of a tone she plays its at placing side by side a sonorous color whichenters into resonance in the concert of work in creation.

This work drinks in the nature its vitality, at the heart of spirit's essence, in the plant sap,those where rock spouts, substance in fusion from an incandescent magma. Bringing the light of a dawn's inundation from its fires through an autumn forest

"Ses iris, ses tournesols, ses fruits sont autant de cris de d’amour pour la nature, un hymne à la joie, un retour aux sources de la vie. Et, la façon la plus agréable à l’œil de célébrer les 100 ans de la côte d’azur"

Francis MARTIN      Nice Matin, Mai 1988

Nowdays, still working on lights and energies, her paintings are on vibrations and migration towards a planets world. Soaring into the creation deep inside and far outside, deep in the living matter and into the space all together, her research leads her towards a physical and spiritual worlds which join into exploding shapes, mixing fluxes and currents.

"Evelyne Ballestra dévoile la puissance de ses toiles"

Stéphane VALINI      Nice Matin, Juillet 2008